Managing Your Academic Calendar

Before you can start screening students, you will need to set up for academic calendar in Satchel Pulse.

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The Academic Calendar refers to your districts schedule set up. Depending on your district, you may be setting up quarters, trimesters, yearly, etc. as your term. The term is what our system determines which classes to use for the screening window.

**There are two different ways you can upload your terms into Satchel Pulse. If you are a manual district, your terms need to be uploaded via spreadsheet. Click this link to jump to that section:

Step One: Navigate to the School Calendar Page

To set up the term, navigate to the Admin > School calendar located on the left side of the website.

Step Two: Create and Save Your Calendar

Select the green "create term" button to bring up the create terms window.

Input the title of your term. Q1 is suggested, but you may call your term whatever you want.

Select the dates of your term. They can always be edited later.

Click Save and your first term is set!

Setting Up the Terms at a Manually Uploaded District

Step One: Access the Data Import Tab

Step Two: Toggle to the Terms Tab and Download the Template

If you have terms already uploaded into the system and you need to edit them, you can do that by downloading the spreadsheet that is on-file, make any adjustments and then reupload the spreadsheet.

Step Three: Add Your Terms to the Template

The format is Year-Month-Day so for December 19th, 2022, the date format should look like 2022-12-19.

Term ID: A unique ID you assign the term. It can be the same as the name.

Name: How you want the term name to be displayed.

Start on: Date you want your term to start. Your screening window cannot be opened until this date is reached.

End on: The end of your term. This will also close your screening window by default, since they are tied to a term.

Step Four: Upload the Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet needs to be in a .CSV format in order for it to be uploaded.

Step Five: Correct Any Errors

After you have uploaded the spreadsheet, the system will alert you of any errors. All you will need to do is correct these errors and resubmit.

Make any corrections.

Save and confirm!

You've successfully created your term! You can now go in an set up the screening window you would like your staff and students to take their Skills screener survey. Click the link below to learn more about setting up Skills screening window:

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