Subskill Assessment Report

Learn how to locate and download a list of any outstanding Subskill Assessments that have been assigned to your students or your teachers.

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There may be a time when you need to view and download a the list of students or teachers who have been assigned a Subskill Assessment, either triggered by the Skills assessment or if one was assigned in a one-off case.

Step One: Access the Subskills Assessments Page

Step Two: Navigate the Page

  1. Search options.

  2. Export the page to a spreadsheet.

  3. Student who has the Subskill assessment is for.

  4. Who requested the Subskill assessment, the screening assessment or by a user.

  5. Who the Subskills assessment is assigned to, student or teacher.

Step Three: Download the Report

Click on the 'Export XLS' button on the page to start the report download. Once the report is ready to download, press the 'Download file' button.

Your report will reflect the same information in spreadsheet form:

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