The Student Directory

You are able to access, filter, and download the data for your students in the student directory. All students in a school will be here.

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Both your Skills Leads and your teachers will have access to the student directory. The difference between the two roles view of students will be the Leads have access to all of the students and their data while a teacher will only have access to their assigned students.

Access the Student Directory

The student directory can be located on the left side of your screen under the 'Skills' menu:

Navigate the Student Directory

There are some options that you will have when viewing the student directory. While here you are able to search for and select a student to view their student profile page. You can filter the student directory to narrow your results down, depending on your goal.

You can bulk download the student profile reports from here and using the 'Export profiles'. The files will be in a .PDF format, but will download as a .ZIP and will need to be extracted. If no filters are set, all the student profiles reports will download, but you are able to use the filters if you are looking to download a certain group of students.

There is also an option to download all of the student data into a spreadsheet that you can then use.

If you have any questions about the student portal, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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