Skills Phase One Resources

In this article, you will find downloadable resources to use during the beginning of your Skills cycle.

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Use these downloadable resources to assist you and your staff during the beginning phase of your Skills journey!

Differentiation Guide for Satchel Pulse Skills Assessment and Library

Change Your Tiering Thresholds

Download a guide on how to update the percentage of students that form each tier:

Manage Your Grade Levels

Download a guide on how manage the grades within your school:

Manage Your School Calendar

Download a guide to assist with managing your school's calendar in Satchel Pulse:

How to Opt-Out a Student from the Skills Self Assessment

Download a guide on how to opt-out a student who's family requested their student not participate:

How to Setup a Screening Window

Download a guide on how to set up your screening window:

How to Create a Screening Audience

Download a guide on how to create your screening audience:

How to Send Out your Screeners and Self-Assessments

Download a guide on how to send out your teacher and student screeners:

How to Monitor Screener Completion

Download a guide on how to monitor your open screening window:

Closing Your Screening Window

Download a guide on how to close your open screening window:

Skills Diagnostic FAQs

Download a list of frequently asked questions and their answers about our diagnostic assessments:

Please reach out to if there are any requests for additional resources or you are not finding what you are looking for.

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