Send Out Your Skills Screeners

This article will show you how to send your Skills screener out once you've created your screening audiences.

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After you have created your screening audiences and added the users that you want to screener, you will need to send them out to each audience.

Step One: Access Your Open Screening Window

You will need to access your open screening window in order to send out your Skills screener. You can access the Screening windows menu under your Learner Position tab.

You can 'View' your open screening window here:

Back on the 'screening window' page, you will see each grade's Skills screener status. There are a few statuses a user can be in.

  1. Complete: a list of users that have completed their Skills teacher screeners.

  2. Incomplete: after the survey is sent, this list will show who has not taken their Skills teacher screener.

  3. Not Sent: the Skills teacher screener has not been sent and still needs to be sent. You will still manually need to send your screeners out even if the screening window date has passed.

  4. Personal Request: There is a 4th category that will only populate the screening window if you manually add a student and teacher as a one off Skills screener or if requested through the Student Profile page. This would show up as a personal request:

The student screening window tab has the same statuses to represent which students have and have not completed their screeners as well as any that are not sent.

*Please note that personal requests only displays on the sections tab.

If you need to remove a section or sections or want to only send to certain sections from your screening window, you can do that by selecting the section you wish to remove and then press the 'Remove' or 'Send' button.

Step Two: Send Your Skills Screener Out

**Note: If your screening window date isn't open and you send your screeners out, your users will open their Satchel Pulse app to an error. The window open date needs to be before you send out for them to be active on your users' dashboards. **

To send to your entire created audience, click on the 'Not sent' tab and then press 'send.' This will send the Skills teacher screener to everyone you've added to the audience. You can also select sections individually if you would like to send them one at a time.

You will be prompted to confirm you are ready to send and on this window you will have the option to send or not send an email notification by clicking on or off "Send email notification" like in the image below. The default is to send a notification. Once you are sure, click "Proceed" and the screeners will be sent immediately.

*Please note: Once a screener has been sent, it cannot be deleted or retracted. Teachers are able to exclude students from their teacher screeners, but their is no way to delete the student self assessment.

If you choose to send an email notification, your teachers will receive an email letting them know a screening has been requested by the sender with a link to login to their Satchel Pulse dashboard:

Once you've clicked the 'Proceed' button, those users who were listed under the 'Not sent' tab will now be listed under the 'Incomplete' tab. From the Incomplete tab you can send an email reminder to anyone who hasn't completed the Skills teacher screener yet.

Editing Your Audience

If you notice you need to edit your audience or remove a user from receiving their survey, you can do so before it is sent. You can only remove or send the screener to select users under the 'Not sent' tab. From this tab, you will select which teachers you would like to remove from your audience and then click the red "Remove" button.

Step Three: Repeat for Your Students

To send your screeners to your students, you'll click the 'students' tab and repeat the same process as you did to send the teacher screener out.

You've successfully learned how to How to Send out the Skills Screener. If you have additional questions or would like to inquire about additional training, please reach out to our Customer Support Team. We would love to assist you!

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