Out of all the tools in the Satchel Pulse Skills suite, our Diagnostics reign supreme in the number and quality of questions our Customer Success team gets. Here are some commonly asked questions about the mysterious Diagnostic and our bonafide answers.

Q: Why am I getting emails about finishing my screener? I've already submitted the Universal Screener for all assigned students.

A: If you've submitted the Universal Screener for all your students (you pressed the green "submit" button, right?), Satchel Pulse is sending you a Diagnostic request.

The Diagnostic gathers teacher subskill ratings for tier 2 and tier 3 students in your school's MTSS model.

Teachers receive Diagnostic requests for students before tiering when students are projected to be placed in tier 2 or 3. Teachers also receive Diagnostic requests when students are placed in tier 2 or 3 after tiering.

Q: How many students are placed in tier 2 or 3?

A. The answer to this question hinges on the number of students in your school and the tiering percentages set by your SEL Leads. Our basic tiering model puts 80% of students in tier 1, 15% of students in tier 2, and 5% of students in tier 3.

Tier percentages are calculated schoolwide, so the percentage of your class that will receive Diagnostics will vary based on the needs of your class.

Q: Do I have to complete Diagnostics before the screening window closes?

A: No. Diagnostics can be completed at any time. Diagnostics do not need to be completed before the end of the screening window in which they were assigned.

Q: What does the Diagnostic diagnose?

A: The Diagnostic does not diagnose any condition. The goal of the Diagnostic is to dive deeper into the teacher's perspective of how students perform in the more granular CASEL subskills.

Q: Will I still get student profile and class information if I do not complete the Diagnostics?

A: Yes. Student profile data such as radar charts and self-assessment responses are generated from the Universal Screener, so you can see that student data without any Diagnostic screening data.

However, diagnostic screeners enrich the student profile, and we highly recommend adding Diagnostic scores.

Q: Is there a Diagnostic rubric?

A: There sure is! If your school leader doesn't provide one, you can grab a copy of the rubric using the button below.

You'll notice that the Diagnostic rubric does not contain observable subskill behaviors. That's because the Diagnostic has the subskills, so there is no need to outline them in a lengthy screening guide.

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Please reach out to your school SEL Lead to get your questions answered.

Our Satchel Pulse team is available from 8-5 Mon-Fri to answer questions from your SEL Leads.

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