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Follow the directions below to access our Satchel Pulse SEL Teacher Training in LearnWorlds.

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The free Satchel Pulse Skills Teacher Training course in LearnWorlds has the information teachers need to screen students, help students start their screeners, and complete diagnostics.

Want to know more about how to sign up for the course?

Watch the video below to learn more about how to sign up and navigate the course.


Q: Why do I have to sign up?

A: Our Satchel Pulse courses are delivered through an online course platform called LearnWorlds. LearnWorlds is not the same application as Satchel Pulse. To use LearnWorlds, users must create an account.

Q: What does Satchel Pulse do with the data I share with LearnWorlds?

A: Nothing. We can see if you've signed up for and completed our courses. We do not share your data; your email is kept secure in LearnWorlds.

Q: Are there other Satchel Pulse LearnWorlds courses?

A: Yes. We are building out a course library. We currently have Skills training for coaches and courses to help Skills Leads learn how to set up screeners and use Satchel Pulse tools.

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