How to Manage the Leads in Your District

Are you a district leader who needs to add or edit your district's Skills Lead? Read this article to learn how to manage your Skills Leads.

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***You can add a user manually into the system if you need to add them as a Skills Lead in your district. If your district is syncing via Clever or Classlink and the staff member is already in the system, skip to step 4 to learn how to update a user's permission.

As a Group Dashboard Admin, you have the ability to add, edit, and delete the Skills Lead at the schools in your district. This can be done through your 'District admin' menu.

Inviting a New Skills Lead

Under the Admin menu, there is a tab called 'Data import.' Users can be invited in 2 different ways.

You can send and email invitation from Satchel Pulse the user:

You can send a link via email to a user you want to add, but you will need to update their permissions once they've accepted the invite and created their account.

Select the school you want to add the Skills Lead to:

Invite by Email

Enter the emails of the users you want to add to the school you selected from the dropdown. You will need to delete and rows that aren't filled in or the invites won't send. When you've are ready, press 'Send invite'.

Invite by Using a Link

You can copy and paste a message containing a link for the user to sign up through. This relies on the staff member to accept the invite and create an account. You will have to change their permissions after they've signed up.

Updating a User's Permissions

After you sent an email invitation or the user used the link and created an account, you will need to update their permissions to be an Skills Lead. Newly invited users default to a certified staff member.

Locate the Users You Need to Update

You can search for pending users under that dropdown shown here or you can search your a user via name or email.

Locate the Users to Edit and Click 'the 'Edit' Button

Update Their Permissions

Their default permission will be listed as 'Certified employee' and you will need to update it to 'Administrator'.

Select 'Administrator' and don't forget to Update permissions!

Add an Additional School to a Skills Lead

Under the permissions tab, you are able to add additional building permissions to a user if they are responsible for the Skills coaching at multiple schools. You can add a school or give the user District admin access.

Search for the additional school. Don't forget to click the 'Add school' button.

You will need to update the actual permission to administrator since the default is certified employee. Don't forget to press 'Update permissions'!

You can remove a school from a user's profile by clicking the small trash can icon.

Don't forget to click the blue 'Update permissions' button to save these changes.

Removing a Skills Lead

You can also remove the Skills Lead from Satchel Pulse. In the manage users page, select which user/s you want to delete and press the 'Deactivate user' button.

You can manage your users once they are in the system. You can read the Training Center article on how to manage your users here:

You have successfully learned how to add, edit, and delete a user and change their permissions in Satchel Pulse. If you require additional assistance, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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