When you first access your Satchel Pulse Skills Dashboard, the default is to assign all grades to each school that is uploaded into the system. The Skills Lead can adjust what grades are shown during the Skills screening window.

While it isn't necessary to set up the years for your school, it will make navigating the screening window page much easier and only display the information you need.

Step One: Access The Manage Years Page

Under the Admin drop down menu on the left side of your Satchel Pulse window, select the link 'Manage Years.'

Step Two: Activate/Deactivate Grades

Activate and deactivate the grades that are taught at your school. This can be changed at any time. It isn't necessary, but it will make navigating the 'Screening window' page much easier.

  1. Manage the years of your students if you utilize our Climate product.

  2. Manage the years of your students if you utilize our Skill product.

  3. You can edit the names of the years if you want.

No need to save, when you toggle the button from active to inactive and vice versa, the system will automatically save your choice. Just navigate away from the page.

You've successfully managed the years at your school! If you require additional assistance, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at Support@SatchelPulse.com.

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