Download Your Screening Data

In this lesson, users will learn how to access and download their screening data once their SEL screening window closes.

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Once your screening window closes, you can download and print the Skills screening results for your 'Student Screenings,' 'Teacher Screenings,' and an overview 'Print Report" option.

Step One: Accessing Your Screening Window

Access your screening groups window by selecting the 'Skills' tab on the left side of your Satchel Pulse window and then select the 'Screening Windows' link.

Step Two: Select Your Screening Window

Click the 'View' button to the right of the screening window you want to download and view your student screening data.

Step Three: Select the Reports Cog

Select the small 'cog' to open a dropdown menu with the different reporting options you have.

If your screening window is still open, you can monitor the participation of your teachers and students. You won't be able to download the reports if the window is still open. Click here to learn How to Monitor Your Screening Group:

There are three different types of reports available for the screening windows.

Export Student Screenings

The "Student screenings" report contains completion data for all rostered

students, as well as student screening composite scores.

Export Teacher Screening

The "Teacher screenings" report contains teacher and student composite

scores, as well as combined scores, for that screening. The report also contains student competency scores for the teacher screeners from the chosen screening window.

Print Report

The "Print report" is a PDF report of aggregate student SEL strengths and

weaknesses for the CASEL competencies and subskills for the chosen

screening window.

You've successfully learned how to find and download your screening data! If you would like to request some time with a Satchel Pulse Education Consultant to have a deeper discussion about these reports and their data, email

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