Completing Your Student Screeners

Learn how to complete student screeners.

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During the Skills screening window, teachers rate students using the five CASEL competencies and complete diagnostic screeners for selected students.

This article will guide you through those steps.

Note: If a user is idle too long while logged into Satchel Pulse, the system will log you out due to inactivity. If you've entered the students scores into the teacher screener and you aren't logged in, your data will not save. Make sure to refresh your screen first and to make sure to save your progress periodically long the way to ensure you don't lose your data!

Step One: Access the Satchel Pulse Login Screen

Go to and click the "Log In" button in the top right corner to log in to your account.

Step Two: Login with Correct Credentials

Use the login method your school has instructed you to use. If you have any questions about which method to log in with, contact your administration.

Step Three: Access the Screening Page

If you have any Skills screeners to complete, you will see this yellow box with a green button on your Skills Dashboard. If you don't see the dashboard, select "Learner Positioning."

Select the green "Start Screening" button to access the teacher screener.

Step Four: Input the Scores

There will be boxes next to all the students you are being asked to screen.

Each CASEL competency needs to be rated on a scale of 0-10 with 5 being the average student in that grade level.

There is a link to our Screening Guide to help you score each CASEL competency.

If you want to download a printable PDF version of the rubric, click here:

If you would prefer to download the printable PDF as a one-page document for easier scoring, click here:

Note: You can exclude newly enrolled students by checking the "Exclude" box. Please contact your school leader/s for more information on exclusion criteria.

Step Five: Save Your Progress

If you want to complete your screeners over multiple sessions, select the blue "Save Progress" button to save your existing scores.

The teacher screener does not auto-save! Be sure to select "Save Progress" before exiting if you are not ready to submit.

Once students are rated in all cells, the green "Submit assessment" button will be available.

Select the green "Submit assessment" button to submit your screener ratings.

When your screener scores have been submitted, this message will appear on your screen.

Once all student screener scores have been submitted, a message stating all screenings have been completed will display.

Back on the Skills Dashboard home screen, a new message will appear to indicate that all teacher screeners are complete.

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