You can download a printable .PDF Quick Start guide on how to Navigate the Student Profile page here:

After the screening window is closed, the students have been place in their tiers, and interventions are about to start, would be a good time to take a look at your student's profile page to review each student's individual data.

Step One: Access the Student Directory

Access the student directory page by navigating to the "Skills" tab > "Student Directory"

Step Two: Select a Student

You are able to search for different students in the Student Directory and select which student who's profile you want to view.

  1. Set up search criteria to find students based on certain details. You can sort by the student's name, grade, current tier, previous tier, and there are additional filters. Note: If you didn't share the student data that contains gender, ethnicity, ELL status, FRPL, and IEP status, you won't be able to search using this criteria.

  2. Here you can sort by sections if the students are assigned to a specific section, toggle tier movement on/off, and if they currently are assigned an intervention or not.

Note: You can access the student profile by clicking any student name that is blue on any page. That will take you to their student profile screen.

Step Three: The Student Profile

On this page you will see all of the information that pertains to a particular student. This page will look different for each user depending on where in the SEL screening process your school is. Some information will only populate if the school shares that information with Satchel Pulse.

  1. Student's personal information.

  2. Student's current GPA and weighted GPA. Note: This will only populate if this information is shared with Satchel Pulse.

  3. Student's SEL Competencies Overview

  4. Interventions Status

  5. Diagnostic Assessment Results

Student Information

All the student's tier information and demographic information will populate in this window. From here you can request a screening or diagnostic assessment, manually change their tier, or start a student or teacher diagnostic assessment.

Note: If the district/school didn't provide all of the student's demographic information, many of these spaces will be blank.

Student Academic Performance

If the school/district shares this information with Satchel Pulse, the student's GPA and weighted GPA will display here.

SEL Competencies Overview

After the Skills screeners have been completed by both the student and the teacher and the Skills screening window has closed, the SEL Competencies Overview will display the competencies on a five point overlay to help compare the student and teacher input.

You can switch between previous assessments by clicking the View All Assessments link in the overview window.

As the assigned teacher, you are also able to view the students, teacher, and combines CASEL competency rating. If there have been multiple cycles of Skills screenings, multiple screening results will be present.

Intervention Window

In the interventions window of the student profile, users will be able to see if there are any upcoming interventions planned, any interventions currently in progress, or any have been paused, finished, or a draft was created and not submitted.

Diagnostic Assessments

If a user assigns a diagnostic assessment to the student, their results will populate here. Diagnostic assessments target one aspect of the five CASEL competencies.

You have successfully learned how to navigate the student profile page and how to review the tier data! If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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