You can download a printable .PDF Quick Start guide about how to Assign Interventions here:

Here is where you can access the Skills Library to be able to search for and assign different interventions to your students. If you haven't already created your Intervention Groups I would click this link to learn how:

Step One: Access the Interventions Library

Access the Skills Library by clicking on the "Skills" tab > "Skills Library" tab on the left side of the screen.

Step Two: Navigating the Skills Library

From here you will have a multitude of options to sort through and search the different interventions that Satchel Pulse has to offer, what your district has added, and even your own personal Skills library.

Here are some different ways to utilize the interventions library:

  1. Search the Skills library by keyword or phrase.

  2. Create your own intervention.

  3. Filter options to search for interventions.

  4. The whole interventions list until a search or filtering option is selected.

  5. Skills Playlists

Step Three: Choose the Intervention

After you have narrowed down your search and have decided on an intervention you would like to use, click on the "View resource" link on the page.

Step Four: Understanding Your Intervention and Assign

In this window, you can learn more about the intervention and you can also assign the intervention from here.

Some of the information on this screen includes:

  1. The title of the intervention.

  2. The competencies that this intervention covers and the target audience.

  3. Short description of the resource.

  4. The lesson plan to guide you through the lesson and any additional resources or videos will show up here.

  5. The resource publisher and a link to more of that specific publishers resources.

If this is the the intervention that you want to assign, click on the 'Assign interventions' button.

Step Five: Assign/Print the Lesson

When you've ensured this is the intervention you would like to you, you can either print out the resources or you can assign them to the intervention groups that you have created.

Some different things can be adjusted before assigning the intervention to a group:

  1. Title of the intervention and a description of the intervention. you can also add any additional resources here.

  2. Pick which intervention group you want to assign this intervention to.

  3. Set up a start date.

When you select an intervention group or a class to assign the lesson to, you can pick which subskill to monitor. You will also see a view of the student scores from the group.

Step Six: Assign the Intervention

Press "Create" to assign the intervention.

This should be what you see once you've created the intervention and assigned it to and intervention group.

You have successfully created and assigned and intervention to your intervention groups! If you need additional assistance, you can reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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