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Monitoring Your Screening Window

In this lesson, users will learn how to monitor a Skills screening window and send out reminders to those who have not completed the survey.

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During the Skills screening window, the Skills lead can monitor the overall participation of the survey and send out reminders to students and teachers who have not completed the survey. If you haven't set up a screening window, click here:

Step One: Access the Skills Screening Groups Screen

Access the Skills > Screening windows on the left side of your screen in order to access the screening groups window.

Step Two: Select Screening Window

Select the open screening window you want to monitor.

View and Monitor Your Audiences

Select a grade you would like to monitor. You can choose from either teacher or student view.

  1. Shows the percentage of students who completed the screening and the percentage of teachers who've completed their screenings.

  2. Physical number of teachers who've completed the screening.

  3. Physical number of teachers who have not completed their screening.

  4. Number of surveys not sent.

The student tab has the same layout as the sections:

You can also send reminders to teachers and student who have not completed their survey.

Print a Spreadsheet

You can access and print two spreadsheets to help you monitor your Skills screening window participation.

The Student Screening Report:

The Teacher Screening Report:

You have successfully learned how to monitor your teacher and student survey completion and send out reminders! If you require additional assistance, you can reach our Customer Support Team at

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