You can download a printable .PDF Quick Start guide on how to Navigate your SEL Dashboard and how to use the tier dashboard here:

The SEL Dashboard will only populate data if there has been at least one completed SEL screener and those students tier's were set. If no previous screeners have been completed or tier placement has not been completed, no data will populate this window. Once the screening window is closed and the students have been placed in tiers, the tiering data will be available. If you still need to schedule your SEL Screening Windows or tier your students, please click one of the links below:

Accessing Your SEL Dashboard

Your Support Bar

In the top right hand corner of your screen, there are some support tools for you to use.

  1. The Training Center: Here you will find various training articles that walk you through different aspects of the product.

  2. The Help Center: A series of different, short articles that have been written based on our most search for terms and questions.

  3. Search Bar: You are able to search and quickly find different information on our website.

  4. Keyboard Commands: A list of functioning keyboard commands.

  5. Notifications Tab

  6. Account Setting

Your SEL Dashboard

Depending on what point in the SEL screening life-cycle you are, your SEL Dashboard will look different.

If you have never ran a screening window, your dashboard will look quite empty:

If you've created a screening window, you will notice a yellow notification bar will populate the top portion of your dashboard:

If you have a closed screening window and need to tier your students:

Navigate the SEL Dashboard

  1. Select between which screening window you'd like to see the data for.

  2. Total number of students.

  3. The tier itself, the number of students who fall into this tier, and a link to view the students in the tier.

  4. Displays movement of the student through the tiers from a previous screener and a link to view the students who moved tiers.

  5. Show movement within the tier if you've run previous screening windows. You can view the student who moved by clicking the 'View' button.

  6. Students in tiers 2 and 3 may already have an intervention assigned to them or will need an intervention assigned to them. You can view these students here. If you want more information about The SEL Library, just click the link!

  7. A line graph for each to show changes over time to the number of students in each tier.

You have successfully learned how to navigate your SEL Dashboard! If you need additional support, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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