Completing Your Tier Placements

Is your screening window closed and you need to tier your students? In this lesson, you will learn how to tier your students!

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When all student screenings have been completed you will need to assign tiers to each student.

Step One: Navigate to the Skills Dashboard

To do this click Skills > Skills dashboard from the left hand navigation menu in Pulse.

Step Two: Open Tiering Tool

There are two places you can access the tier placement for students.

You can access it from the Skills Dashboard:

Or from your recently closed screening window:

Step Three: Assign/Approve Tier Placement

On this screen you will see:

  1. Name of the screening window.

  2. Tiering completion percentage.

  3. Filtering options.

  4. Screening guide and actions button.

  5. Student name.

  6. Tier selection dropdown.

  7. Tier suggestion.

  8. Student SEL score.

  9. Teacher SEL score.

  10. Combined SEL score.

  11. Save button.

Note: The blue "Approve Actions" button can be used to approve all recommendations (recommended based on school tiering percentages) or only approve recommendations based on matching student and teacher scores.

When assigning tiers, there is a dropdown option to do a few different things.

Approve All Student Recommendation: Allow the system to assign a tier to each student, across all grades, based on Satchel Pulse's scoring system.

Approve All Student Matching Tier Scores: If the student and teacher scored the student similarly, you can quickly approve those to show the students who have large discrepancies between the student and teacher scoring.

Approve Only Grade Level Recommendations: You can approve all of the system recommended tiers by grade level.

You've successfully completed your tier placement! If you are ready to learn more about Creating Groups with Group Wizard, click the button below.

You have successfully learned how to tier and change the tiers of your students. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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