Creating Your Skills Screening Audience

Do you need to create a screening audience for your screening window? Here, you will learn how to create your survey audience!

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Now that you've created your screener windows, you will need to set up who you want to send the survey to and then send it out to start receiving feedback! If you haven't set up your screener window yet, click the button to learn how:

Step One: Navigate to the Screening Windows

Under the menu on the left side of the screen; select "Skills" > "Screening windows" to pull up the screening windows list.

Step Two: Choose the Screening Window

You can select which screening window you want to manage by clicking the "View" link like in the image below.

Step Three: Select Who To Send the Survey To

There are two options for sending out the screener to the section and/or students. If you are using the sections tab to pull your student in, this option will do it as a class. If you select students from the students tab, you will be adding them one by one.

By Section:

By Student:

Option 1: Create Audience by Sections

**Now, you are able to create your sections by grade, instead of navigating all of your sections on one screen!

As a Skills lead, you can assign your Skills screener to your teachers and students through their assigned class/section. Once you click the 'Create audience' button, you will see the section (class name), the teacher who is assigned to each section, the grades of all students in each section, and how many students are assigned to each section.

**The number of students will only be displayed for the currently displayed grade. If the class houses students across multiple grades, the 'Create audience' feature needs to be used for those grades.

All you need to do on the 'Create audience' screen is select the sections that you want to assign the Skills screener to. When you are done, don't forget to press the green 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen!

Option 2: Create Audience by Students

If you don't plan of having your teachers completing the teacher screener on their students or you want a specific user to screen a students you can create your audience using the students tab. There are two ways to add the students to the audience.

Add All Students in the Grade

By selecting the "Add all students" button, you will be prompted to add all of the students in that grade. This will add all of the students in the grade without assigning any screeners to their teachers. Only your students will receive a Skills assessment.

Search for and add the students:

Search for and add the teacher/s:

Back on the 'screening window' page, you will see each grade's Skills screener status. There are a few statuses a user can be in.

  1. Complete: This is a list of users that have completed their Skills teacher screeners.

  2. Incomplete: After the survey is sent, this list will show who has not taken their Skills teacher screener.

  3. Not Sent: You will still manually need to send your screeners out even if the screening window date has passed. This list will show screeners which have not yet been sent.

  4. Personal Requests: If you have requested a screener from someone who is not rostered as a teacher to the student(s), they will appear under personal requests.

The student screening window tab has the same statuses to represent which screeners have not been sent and students have and have not completed their screeners.

*Please note that personal requests only displays on the sections tab.

  1. Students who have completed their screener.

  2. Students who have not started their screener.

  3. Students who have not been sent their screener.

Editing Your Audience

If you need to edit your audience, you can do so before it is sent. You can only remove or send the screener to select users under the 'Not sent' tab. From this tab, you will select which teacher(s) you would like to remove from your audience and then click the red "Remove" button.

You've successfully learned how to Create Your Screening Audience. If you have additional questions or would like additional training, please reach out to our Customer Support Team. We would love to assist you!

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