You can download a printable .PDF Quick start guide about Setting Up the Skills Screener Window here:

The screener window is the time period in which the teachers and students complete their Skills screening surveys.

The screener window must fall within the designated term window. Screener windows cannot carry over multiple term windows.

You need to set your terms before setting up your screener windows. For training on how to set up terms, click here:

Step One: Locating the Screening Groups Window

From the "Skills" menu on the left hand side of your dashboard, click on the "Screening windows" link.

Step Two: Select the Create Screening Window Button

To create the screening group click on the green 'Create screening window' button. You will then be taken to the screening window creation page.

Step Three: Create the Screening Window

Here you will be able to create your screening group title, enter a brief description, attach any corresponding files, the date you want to start the window, and you will be able to link it to one of the terms you've created.

The screening window must fall within one of your scheduled terms. A screening window cannot carry over into multiple terms. The terms determines which set of sections Satchel Pulse should be using when creating the screening window audiences.

  1. Title of your screening window.

  2. A description of your screening window.

  3. You can attach any supplemental files to your screening window.

  4. Select the date your screening window will start.

  5. You will need to link your screening window to a term.

  6. Submit or cancel.

It should look like this:

You can view and edit your screening window here:

As an Skills Lead, you now have the ability to manually close your screening window when you are happy with the level of participation. Simply, 'view' your current screening window and click the cog wheel in the right hand corner which will open the drop down menu like in the image below. To close your screening window, click 'Close screening window'.

  1. You can export the student responses as they come through in a spreadsheet.

  2. You can export the teacher responses as they come through in a spreadsheet.

  3. You can edit your current, open screening window.

  4. You can/need to close your screening window manually. The window will close automatically when the term that was set, ends. This is the only other way your window can close.

  5. You can delete your open screening window. If you have collected any data, this will also delete that information.

Closing your screening window:

The next step is to add the staff and students to the screening window and send out those invitations. Click the link to learn how to send staff and student surveys out:

You've successfully set up your screening window! If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at

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