To complete the account setup of your school or district in Pulse, we will need to complete a data integration of your staff, student and roster information in order to administer the correct assessments.

In this guide, we will show you how you can quickly and easily share this data with Pulse through Classlink or Clever integrations. If you don't have Classlink or Clever, take a look at our manual data integration guide here to find out how you can share this information with us.

Getting started

Step 1: Integrating with Clever

  1. After the onboarding call, we will send an invitation to your district to connect on Clever.

  2. Your district Clever administrator can accept the invite via email or in their Clever dashboard.

Example of a dashboard invite

Example of an email invite

Once the invite has been accepted your district will need to initiate sharing through Clever. We ask that you share all information with us, we will filter out the information we do not require on our end.

Integrating with ClassLink

In order to send provide assessments to the staff members and students, we need to integrate your school/district roster information into the Pulse system. You can share the district information with Satchel Pulse by providing access to your roster data in Classlink through our application

Adding Applications

1. To add an application in the Roster Server, go to Apps -> Add Apps to search for an application or browse the list to find applications.

2. You will then need to click the blue ‘Add App’ button on the top right hand corner of the page

3. To find our application, use the search bar at the top of the page, search for ‘Satchel Pulse”

4. Then you will need to click the blue ‘Add’ button next to the Satchel Pulse application

Setting Up Permissions

In order for the team to integrate and pull the correct information into Pulse, please select the permission type ‘Full’. By default, the Roster Server will only send users that are enrolled in a class (teachers and students)

Once completed click the green ‘Add app & exit’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the page to save the permission and partner with Pulse


Manual xls. upload of SEL Leads

  1. We will also need to integrate your SEL lead data manually for each school. The SEL lead team will have full administrative capabilities within the account.

  2. Fill out the attached spreadsheet ‘Satchel Pulse SEL Lead Manual Staff Upload’ detailing any staff members who will be creating and administering the screening assessments. Please note that there can be multiple SEL Leads for each school.

  3. The fields first name, last name, email, school and role are mandatory. The fields group, job title and personnel status are optional. Roles should be listed as follows: Owner - SEL Lead

  4. If an individual needs administrative access to more than one school, please add additional rows as necessary for each of the schools.

  5. Send the completed xls. spreadsheet to our email inbox confirming that the below whitelisting has been completed


Whitelist emails

As part of launching Pulse, we will be sending emails from our domain to staff/students across the district. Prior to launching could you please whitelist the following:

Whitelisting Emails:

This will avoid them getting caught in any SPAM rules or blocked.


Allowed Domains:

Please also ensure the following domain and wildcard subdomains are allowed in web filtering:


Once you have completed these steps, the onboarding team will finalise the integration of the data into Pulse. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team who will be happy to assist!

If you are completing a fully manual integration of your roster information, take a look at our guide here

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