Step 1 Sign in to Pulse

You can sign in to Pulse using your Google or Microsoft credentials. Simply visit and click ‘Sign in with Google’ or 'Sign in with Microsoft'. When you are due to complete a screening Pulse will automatically email you and let you know.

Step 2 Complete a screening

To access your SEL Dashboard, click Learner Positioning > SEL Dashboard from the left hand navigation menu in Pulse.

If you have screenings to complete these will be displayed in a yellow box. Click the button to begin screening.

Completing the Screener

The screener will display a group of students that you teach or are linked to. You may not need to screen all students.

You can begin by filtering the section by which you need to complete the screener for, in the top left corner. You can also filter by grade. If you are unsure which group of students you need to screen please ask your district contact.

Once you have the correct set of students ready to screen you will need to begin giving them a score from 0-10 in each of the Casel Competencies.

You can use or screening guide in the top right corner for guidance on this.

If there is a student who you do not want to screen, you can exclude them from your screening. This will not prevent the student from doing their self assessment.

You can save and close at any time or complete this all in one go. Make sure you save before exiting the screening to avoid loosing data.

Step 3 Monitor your Students

Once you have completed the screenings, the RTI tiers will be confirmed for each student. These tier placements will then be available to view on the SEL Dashboard.

If you have any diagnostic assessments to complete from the initial student screening you will be notified via email. You can also access this by clicking Learner Positioning > SEL Dashboard and the task will be displayed in the yellow box.

To search for or view any particular student, click Learner Positioning > Student directory from the left hand navigation menu in Pulse.

Select a student to view their profile screen. Here you will be able to see the student assessment results as well as the teacher screening results. In addition, you will see any Diagnostic assessment results that are available.

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